10 Best Strains of Marijuana With Over 24% THC

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imagesIn the not so distant past, before marijuana was largely accepted for medical use and even legalized in states like Colorado and Washington (and the people’s choice in California,) any marijuana strains with THC content levels above 20% were considered extremely strong. In fact, the highest THC content strain every record in was 25.49%, scored at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. In 2013, that record was broken six times, with the hardest-hitting THC strain topping 28%!

That’s right, Bruce Banner #3 won the designation of being the most potent marijuana ever recorded, as well as winning the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Denver in 2013.

Head Cheese

The strain with the questionable name is actually a hybrid between Headband and Cheese. It’s like the microbrew of bud and produced by the Blunt Brothers, reaching 24.79% THC but keeping its hoppy smoothness.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.08.29 PMVeganic Girl Scout Cookies

California represented at the U.S. Cannabis Cup last year, and this non-medical flowery strain was one of the big winners with over 25% THC. It’s actually a veganically-grown collaboration between Private Stock LA and Buds & Roses Collective.

Tickle Cush

A Colorado medical cannabis superstar, this hybrid between Chemdog and LA Kush, surpasses the 27% THC mark. Incredibly, it’s the only bud on the list grown from seed, not strain.


This phenotype of the godfather OG Kush strain, Denver Relief’s R-18 took first-place in the Hybrid Cup at the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2013. It also boasts over 27% THC without losing any of its flavor or consistency.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.06.48 PMCrystal Coma

The pride of Alpha Medic, this cross between Cheese and Skunk #1 tips the scales up to 26% THC, with some unofficial reports up to 28%!


This light green sativa with red and orange hairs is one of the best-kept secrets in the cannabis world, even though it’s not a hybrid. It a medical favorite for stress relief and definitely does the job with 27.5% THC.

Jesus OG Kush

Nicknamed The Closet (because that’s where you’ll end up when you smoke it,) this Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup superstar cashes in at 24% THC – and reportedly, next generations are expected to rise.


This indica hybrid had a disappointing finish in the middle of the pack in last year’s Cannabis Cup, but distinguished itself with almost 25% THC.

SnoopLion_OGKushMatt’s OG

High on THC with over 24%, this strain from a well-established lineage of Chemdog, Headband, and Sour Diesel definitely cements Kushma’s status as a first act grower.

SFV Headband.

Denver’s impressive medical marijuana industry kicked major bud in 2013, and SFV Headband is one of their proudest releases. The hybrid by High Level Health came in #11 at the Cup, but impressed with well over 24% THC.


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